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CDC Shortens Isolation for Non-symptomatic Test Positive – AFA Response

Date: December 28, 2021


Citing a growing body of evidence of when people are most infectious, the Center for Disease Control today shortened the recommended time Americans infected with the coronavirus should isolate from ten to five days if they are asymptomatic.

The CDC has indicated that scientific research shows the majority of transmissions occur early in the course of the illness, usually one to two days before the symptoms are visible and then two to three days afterward.  Reinforcing these findings is the recommendation for those exposed to get tested five days after exposure.

The CDC also cut quarantine time for those who are not boosted but have been exposed to the coronavirus to five days as well.  However, they strongly recommended that those exposed but not boosted wear masks around others for an additional five days.

People who have received the booster shot are not required to quarantine after exposure but should, however, wear a mask for ten days.

AFA International, in response to this decision, responded through the following AFA Interactive calling out key components to the New CDC guidelines in the following statement from AFA International President, Sara Nelson.

"We said we wanted to hear from medical professionals on the best guidance for quarantine, not from corporate America advocating for a shortened period due to staffing shortages. The CDC gave a medical explanation about why the agency has decided to reduce the quarantine requirements from 10 to five days, but the fact that it aligns with the number of days pushed by corporate America is less than reassuring. 

"There are two significant caveats in the guidance that recognize concerns raised by our Union. CDC recommends reducing quarantine to five days only if asymptomatic and with continued mask wearing for an additional five days. If any business pressures a worker to return to work before they feel better, we will make clear it is an unsafe work environment, which will cause a much greater disruption than any 'staffing shortages.'

"We cannot allow pandemic fatigue to lead to decisions that extend the life of the pandemic or put policies on the backs of workers. Already the lack of paid sick leave creates pressure on workers to come to work sick. Corporations that fail to recognize this with paid sick leave, or pressure workers to come to work sick or face discipline, are failing their workers and their customers. Any Member of Congress who doesn’t support paid sick leave is saying that their constituents' lives don’t matter.

"After more than 800,000 funerals, millions suffering effects of long COVID, our hospitals so full people can’t get the medical treatment they need, and frontline workers facing violent attacks simply for working to keep everyone safe, can we finally take this pandemic seriously and do what needs to be done to end it? Our workplace is the world. We will isolate ourselves from the world if we do not lead on safety. This is not freedom. Only truth and solidarity will get us there."

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