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Winter Holiday Sick Call Notification 2021 – COVID Revision

Date: December 28, 2021

In accordance with the provisions of Section 13.C.4., Flight Attendants are required to provide an Absence Certificate for all sick calls, whether paid or unpaid, originating on or after December 20, 2021 – January 4, 2022.  This requirement also applies to those Flight Attendants utilizing sick time for the care of a spouse or minor child as provided for in Section 13.D.7.

Of significance, the company has today modified this requirement as follows:

Absence Certificates will not be required for those who test positive for COVID-19 and can provide a test result administered by a third party (e.g., medical facility, pharmacy, etc.).  Test results must include the following essential components:

  • Flight Attendant’s name
  • Specimen collection date
  • Test reported date
  • Test Result

In addition to placing oneself on sick leave either by calling or using electronic means via CCS if used prior to 0900 HDT of the day prior to a scheduled assignment or Reserve Availability Day, call FLTLINE, Option 9 to report your positive test result.  

All other provisions of the original notice addressing the procedure to submit an Absence Certificate for other illnesses/injuries remain in effect.

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