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United Airlines Launches New Travel-Ready Center

Date: February 1, 2021

Travel Pulse – Donald Wood

United Airlines launched a new digital solution that allows travelers to review COVID-19 entry requirements, find local testing options and upload any required records for domestic and international travel.

The carrier’s Travel-Ready Center is available through United’s mobile app and website, making it the first airline in the United States to integrate all these features into one program.

The digital solution will add more features over the coming weeks to make navigating evolving entry requirements more manageable, including scheduling COVID-19 tests, accessing the Agent on Demand feature and viewing details about visa requirements for other countries.

“While pre-travel testing and documentation are key to safely reopening global travel, we know it can be confusing for customers when they're preparing for a flight,” United Executive Vice President Linda Jojo said.

“Starting today, our 'Travel-Ready Center' gives customers a personalized, step-by-step guide of what is needed for their trip, a simple way to upload required documents and quickly get their boarding pass, fully integrated within our app and website,” Jojo continued.

United’s Travel-Ready Center will provide details for all travelers 18 and older, with status indicators noting if they are travel-ready based on specific requirements each individual needs to meet to board their flight, including any additional requirements for connecting flights.

Documents uploaded by a passenger will be reviewed by designated personnel for verification, who will then approve them in the app and allow travelers to complete the check-in process. Customers should still bring the physical documents to the airport if further inspection is needed along their journey.

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