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SEA Satellite Base Closure Announced

Date: February 4, 2021

United today announced their intention to close the SEA satellite base effective with the May 2021 schedule month.
While we all live with the understanding that any geographic location is always under scrutiny for viability, it’s devastating for those who are based there to face this news. It was welcome news when United originally announced the SEA base, and provided us to return to an area we’ve traditionally known as a “United home.”  There is no good outlook on this announcement and we offer our support and compassion and that of our flying partners to those in SEA who will be so adversely impacted.

Our SEA based flying partners will return to the geographic base from which they transferred and all provisions of United’s Satellite Base Transfer and Moving packet will apply. 

It is important that our solidarity and support remain focused on our Union brothers and sisters who will be directly impacted by the Seattle satellite base closure. Please join the entire United Master Executive Council as we stand together in offering support and assistance to our friends and flying partners directly impacted by today’s announcement.

Read MEC President Ken Diaz's response to the announcement.

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