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Travel Requirement Update: Hawaii

Date: February 6, 2021

On February 2, United Safety Alert announced changes to crewmember protocol when traveling to Hawaii. 

Crewmembers will now be required to submit an online health declaration form AND obtain a QR code. The form can be access at Travel Hawaii website. As of now this is only required from crews laying over in Hawaii. Crews performing turns and not exiting the terminal are exempt at this time. Health screening requirements are subject to change and should be reviewed prior to each trip.

As a reminder Non-residents of Hawaii who are crewmembers are still subject to self-quarantine when arriving to Hawaii. However, they are allowed to leave their hotel for work, outdoor exercise (excluding ocean activities) and to get food to be consumed at their designated quarantine location. In order to avoid this quarantine, a crewmember may choose to participate in pre-arrival testing process outlined on the Hawaii COVID-19 website.  If a crewmember chooses to participate, all cost is at the individual’s personal expense.

You can review the required health declaration and the optional pre clearance here. For the latest information on quarantine, please refer to Flying Together > COVID-19 updates > Domestic Destinations > Hawaii.

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