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Healthy Airport Ordinance Update

Date: February 13, 2021

Last month United let us know of an opportunity to move into the Kaiser Northern California Option B medical plan through a special enrollment opportunity going on now to make this change.

United has recently received new guidance from the city of San Francisco which outlines who is covered by the amended Healthy Airport Ordinance (HAO). This new guidance clarifies that Flight Attendants and Pilots are not included as employees subject to this ordinance.  Said another way, United indicates it is not required to provide this free coverage.

However, United plans to continue to provide the option to enroll in this free coverage by enrolling in the Kaiser Northern California Option B medical plan for 2021.   However, United stresses that the cost for the Kaiser plan may not be free in 2022.

United will be extending this special enrollment opportunity (which is currently open) until February 26. If you wish to move to this plan, you can do so on Your Benefits Resources (YBR) until February 26. If you don't need to make any changes, no action is required.

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