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Training Requirements for SCOLA

Date: February 13, 2021

With the enactment of the PSP extension and Flight Attendants returned to the line in February, United offered SCOLA for February and March to reduce staffing. As a part of that, Training Scheduling ultimately stated that anyone requiring training would have the ability to defer should they be awarded a leave.

In a more recent update, United advises Flight Attendants that their initial plan can no longer stand and must be revised. There is a concern about the ability to manage the operational needs of the airline for the April Schedule given the training liability.

As of now the Training Department is not able to allow any additional Flight Attendants on SCOLA to defer their FAA required training. Members should be aware the company will be working to schedule dates for anyone not currently scheduled and will be notified by Training Scheduling which will include a follow-up e-mail.  Flight Attendants should expect to receive a seven (7) day notice of their upcoming training assignment.

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