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Cancellations and Reassignments

Date: February 17, 2021

Section 7.Q. (Loss of Flight Time) covers irregularities when your pairing cancels ahead of time and procedures differ depending on how much notice is given. Section 7.Q.1. covers notice on the same calendar day, Section 7.Q.3. covers one or more calendar days and Section 7.Q.2. covers Severe Weather Action Plan. Reassignments for under Sections 7.Q.1 - 3. must comply with Section 7.Q.4 before leaving the base and Section 7.Q.5. after leaving the base.  Additionally, Section 7.T. covers irregular operations when a flight is open due to a Flight Attendant not being able to connect and subsequent reassignments.

It’s always important to carry your Contract, either the printed copy or an electronic version (available in your Link locker), and be familiar with how these Contract sections interact and apply to your circumstances. 

If you have questions about your individual situation, please contact your Local Council.

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