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International Travel Requirements: Canada

Date: February 20, 2021

International travel continues to be a moving target. Countries around the world continue to make frequent changes leaving many Members scrambling to keep up with the current customs requirements. 

The most recent changes come from our neighbor to the north, Canada. Canadian officials will continue to require forms be filed in advance of arrival into their country. United has requested that we download the Arrive Canada Application to our Link device and use it as directed when traveling to Canada.

United asks that we use our United email address to sign up and complete the user information, and to verify the application has been properly loaded in the event of a last-minute schedule change.

Failure to complete and submit the form prior to arrival in Canada may result in personal fines as a violation of customs requirements. If you have any questions about international travel you should review location specific information located in the February 7 ISW on FlyingTogether.

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