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New CDC International Arrival Requirement

Date: February 20, 2021

This past Wednesday, United published a Scheduling Alert indicting procedures to follow to comply with CDC directives when entering the United States from another country. Some requirements and procedures have been updated.

The CDC requires a negative COVID-19 test, or recovery form, for International travel into the U.S.  Working crewmembers, including deadheading crew, are exempt.  If deviating from a scheduled deadhead (unless traveling PS0), you will not be able to check-in online.  Effective February 17, an exception letter will be available in your content app, in the COVID-19 resources folder, and may be shown to the CSR when deviating from a deadhead or if United has purchased offline tickets on another carrier (for purposes of positioning a crewmember).  You will need to check in at the designated check-in area and provide the letter to the CSR so they may complete your flight check-in process.

Traveling for any other reason: to/from training, commuting or pleasure travel require compliance with the CDC requirements, without the exemption.

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