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Contract: Don’t Leave Home Without It

Date: February 24, 2021

When many of us began our careers as Flight Attendants our bags were a little heavier. We carried not only the essentials like our beeper, emergency swim suit and of course our FAOM binder but also a very thick and heavy paper copy of our Contract. 

Times have changed and while we all still pack our emergency swim suit, our beeper has become obsolete, our FAOM was upgraded to the LINK and our Contract became longer and available in a digital format. Now rather than lugging around our paper contract we can easily download it to our smart phones and/or tablets for speedy access and portability.

By downloading a copy of our current Contract, Flight Attendants have their contractual rights not only within reach at all times, but easily searchable. Legality questions? Check your Contract. Hotel questions? Check your Contract. While we expect for Management to honor our Contract at all times, the reality with the many changes in personnel some just aren’t as familiar with the provisions as we may be. Mistakes happen. Therefore, it falls on each of us to know our basic contractual rights and advocate when there is a discrepancy or violation.

You are the first line of defense in protecting our Contract. When you advocate to protect your contractual rights, you are helping to defend hard fought language resulting from years of negotiations and unique labor history.

Always carry your Contract. Hard copies are available in your domicile and an electronic version is also available to download to your LINK, personal mobile device or laptop computer. To download your copy visit Unitedafa.org and click on the Contract tab which is located on main menu navigation bar at the top of the web page.

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