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Fleet Update - Boeing 777

Date: February 24, 2021

As first responders we have been trained to act in the face of emergency. We come to work every day, every trip with the full knowledge that we are tasked with ensuring the safety of our flight and the passengers in our care. There is no better example of this than the recent events involving flight 328 from DEN to HNL on this past Saturday.  The crew of Flight 328 DEN-HNL on Saturday, worked together and achieved a safe landing with no injuries reported.

United has opted to take a proactive step and will voluntarily be removing 24 of the 777-200 aircraft with the Pratt and Whitney engines from service. Flight crews originally scheduled to work on the 777-200 configuration should be prepared for work position and jumpseat changes when aircraft substitutions occur. We recommend these changes be addressed in advance of crew boarding so that Flight Attendants will be prepared to review changes to work positions while ensuring all FAA minimum crew jumpseats are assigned. 

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