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Voluntary Furloughs Awarded – Furlough Mitigations Partnerships

Date: February 24, 2021

As we continue our work in pushing for an extension of PSP, a parallel line of work is ongoing as we prepare for any potential furloughs by utilizing the Voluntary Furlough language in our Contract.  The Voluntary Furlough bid window closed on Monday and Voluntary Furloughs have been awarded system wide.

As a reminder, Voluntary Furloughs provide Flight Attendants senior to the Involuntary Furlough Line with the ability to take time away from our profession.  In doing so, their willingness to take time away results in the movement of the “safe” line down ultimately protecting a fellow Flight Attendant from an Involuntary Furlough.

The Furlough Mitigation Partnership bids closed February 24 at 12 PM CT, and will be awarded by 1700 PM CT. Partnership awards are limited to Flight Attendants that fall at or above the resultant Involuntary Furlough cut off.

With any extension to the PSP, all Furloughs - Voluntary and Involuntary as well as Furlough Mitigation Partnerships will be rescinded, and Flight Attendants will be returned to flight status through the end of September 2021. Please continue to call your elected Members of Congress to advocate for the PSP and keep us all in the air.

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