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EAP/Professional Standards First

Date: February 9, 2021

This past year has led to an unprecedented amount of stress for Flight Attendants on the line. Through the pandemic Flight Attendants were some of the first impacted by COVID-19. Despite these risks, in our role as safety professionals we continued to operate and ensure passengers were safely transported. Each day new updates were released; safety protocols were enhanced.  Through the entire time, we continued to adjust and meet the needs of the traveling public.

The changes in the air were nothing compared to the reality on the ground. We watched as family and friends contracted the virus. We watched unemployment lines wrap around the block and in many cases, we joined the lines ourselves. Ultimately, we successfully came together and fought for not one, but two PSP extensions despite our daily wondering if it would be our last flying.

Flight Attendants are inherently social and compassionate people. We come together and, in times of need, we are usually the first to offer a helping hand. When we take our stress to social media, we risk having our words/message being misconstrued. Sarcasm does not translate on social media and threads and easily spin out of control and take on a life of their own.

Should you encounter something that concerns or upsets you, your first call should be to AFA Employee Assistance/Professional Standards Program (EAP). AFA and ALPA Professional Standards Committees provide our members a confidential space to discuss and resolve conflicts and concerns between Flight Attendants, pilots and other employees.  Once an issue is taken to management, we lose control of the issue.  All parties are at risk of investigation and discipline and the outcome is rarely what we might anticipate. If members use Professional Standards instead, no one’s employment is in harm’s way for a misunderstanding, a bad work day, or an insensitive comment.

Together, our dedicated group of EAP/Professional Standards peer professionals ask each of us to help spread the word; Contact your Professional Standards Committee first. Working and resolving our issues between ourselves, we can be our best.

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