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Inflight Training Update for March CQ/RQ

Date: March 5, 2021

Due to the current and fluid changes affecting Flight Attendant populations resulting from Voluntary Separation Leaves, Voluntary Furloughs, and a new possible Payroll Support Program (PSP), the company has announced they have increased the number of CQ training seats available for the month of March 2021.

Those who have CQ scheduled as their regular month in March were previously asked to put off attending CQ until their 13th month (grace).  With the addition of a second shift of classes, which are schedule to start later in the day, additional seats have opened.  For your awareness, Training Centers in EWR, ORD, DEN, IAH & SFO will offer additional classes on specific dates to support both CQ and RQ training.  

The company has assured AFA there will be no change or compromise to the safety and health protocols that are currently in place. If you are due for training in March, please refer to the CQ Preparation Guide in Flying Together to see the most up to date training dates.

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