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ORD Paves the Way for Vaccination Appointments

Date: March 5, 2021

This week United announced, in partnership with the city of Chicago and the Chicago Department of Health, that they had secured COVID-19 vaccinations for targeted employees. Local Council 8 advocated for, and worked with AFA International, CWA, United and local agencies to make this a reality.

Those who are eligible have been sent information in their corporate email and include:

  • Employees who live or work in the City of Chicago (including ORD), and
  • Are at least 65+ years old, or
  • Are flight crew

The Point of Distribution (POD) opened Thursday and hundreds of employees signed up to receive their vaccination (you can only sign up through the link provided to you via company email).  Reports are the process is straightforward, easy to navigate and that the clinic has been run like “clock-work” getting people in and out on time and efficiently.

The vaccine being administered is the recent FDA approved Johnson & Johnson (J&J) brand, which is a “one and done” shot, with no second visit required.  The J&J vaccine is the latest to receive approval following testing periods which included many of the new variants that are emerging and in several different areas of the globe.

In their trials, none of the J&J trial participants who contracted Covid-19, died or were subject to intensive care in the hospitals.  As new vaccines emerge, some people are beginning to compare the efficacy based on sensational headlined news, which does not always tell the complete story.  

One thing the experts agree on is to get whatever vaccine is available to you now, as quickly as possible and not wait for a specific brand. 

While each manufacturer’s vaccine has differences, they are all proving effective at both preventing you from getting COVID and/or significantly reducing the intensity or the illness. As research progresses, any of the vaccines may potentially require “boosters” as variants continue to evolve.  

Experts caution that we may need to look at regular vaccinations on an ongoing basis, like the flu shot, in the future.  But for today, we have an amazing opportunity to take advantage of the availability of vaccination, which as we all know from being on the airplane day in and day out, is critical to our safety and health.

To allow you to follow the science and provide the facts, we’re including information from the FDA fact sheet, as well as information regarding some misconceptions we’ve talked about above, as more vaccines begin entering the picture based on articles in the New York Times and CNN.

We remain hopeful that this strategic approach to providing availability to front line Flight Attendants will be continued in other company locations in the days and weeks to come. 

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