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Safety & Scheduling – Country Restrictions Notice

Date: March 12, 2021

On Tuesday, March 9, United issued a Safety Alert about implementation of entry restrictions by different countries as they apply to crew members. If you are working, commuting or traveling between countries we encourage you to review this information.

United has informed us, based on these new entry restrictions, management will remove from schedule Flight Attendants who fail to meet the travel entry eligibility/entry requirements.  When a conflict is identified, you should contact crew scheduling, and you will be removed with pay, subject to reassignment.  Any Flight Attendant who trades into or picks up a trip into a country that, as a result of having been to a restricted country in the prior 10-days is prohibited from entry, will be removed from the trip without pay. 

Please refer to the United Safety Alert for further details and contact your Local Council with any questions.

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