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Cart Safety Reminder

Date: March 16, 2021

Spring is coming and with it we enter the season of thunderstorms and increased clear air turbulence.  As a reminder, cart safety and the proper handling of these tools, is critical in that these can quickly cause injuries to Flight Attendants.   If improperly utilized or positioned, carts can restrict access to jumpseats and impede our ability to protect ourselves in those instances where unexpected turbulence presents itself.  For this reason, it is in everyone’s best interest to to always follow standard operating procedures:


  1. Never leave a cart unattended. A cart is considered unattended if a Flight Attendant is more than three rows away from the cart. 
  2. Carts should not be parked out of their normal galley takeoff/landing positions unless they are properly restrained. Is there a tie down?
  3. Ensure the cart brake is engaged unless the cart is being moved.
  4.  Galley carts and the galley itself should be maintained in an orderly fashion at all times, due to the possibility of turbulence or evasive actions. Keep as many supplies as possible stowed or left in their containers. The top of the carts should be kept as clear as possible. During light turbulence, when service can continue, it is advisable to discontinue serving hot liquids and remove them from the cart. 
  5. Carts should not restrict immediate access to jumpseats. You do not have immediate access to the jumpseat if you must first move the cart to get to the jumpseat.  Remember, clear air and unexpected turbulence can result in career ending injuries. Is it worth it to take the chance?
  6. Carts should not restrict immediate access to emergency equipment

Complying with SOP ensures all crew members have swift access to a jumpseat in the case of unexpected turbulence. Working together we will keep everyone safe.





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