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Delay or Cancellation Notification to Flight Attendants

Date: March 16, 2021

Section 7.X. of our Contract provides that if a delay or cancellation is known two (2) hours before scheduled departure time, Flight Attendants are to be notified of the delay as soon as possible, provided the delay is estimated to be more than thirty (30) minutes.

If you are not notified according to the outlined parameters and you ultimately check in at your regular scheduled time, contact Crew Scheduling and request that your duty time be updated to reflect your actual check-in time. In such an instance, the start of your duty day may be different from others working the same flight if the other members of your crew were notified of the delay. You should not hesitate to request the update to your duty period whether at home or at the layover point.

Please contact your Local Council office with further questions.

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