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Training: CQ vs RQ and Completing CBTs

Date: March 19, 2021

If you have remained active and qualified, then you are required to do your regular annual continuing qualification class (CQ). CQ for 2021 is a one-day class that is self-scheduled. Detailed information about CQ can be found in your bid packet. If you have gone non-qualified for any reason, you need a requalification (RQ) class. RQ is assigned by the FAST Team in seniority order. There is no information about RQ in the bid packet because the FAST team will provide RQ details when they contact you to assign your training date.

All active flight attendants are now encouraged to schedule their CQ training in their due month. (For a while the company was asking flight attendants to take CQ in their grace month to allow space for some RQ classes.  However, since the addition of classes in the training center, this is no longer necessary and we are, as usual, encouraged to attend CQ in our due month.)  As an active flight attendant, you are able to schedule CQ yourself and get priority selection of when to go. This is accomplished by picking up the CQ training pairing beginning the 23rd of every month during open window.

Remember that under normal circumstances, flight attendants do not go non-qualified, and certainly not in large numbers.  However, we all know that this last year was anything but normal; many more flight attendants went non-qualified in the last year because of all the furlough mitigation programs caused by COVID. This happened because flight attendants in a non-active status (voluntary furlough, involuntary furlough) were not eligible to go to CQ in their normal due or grace month. In addition, the training center was closed for a period of time to develop COVID safety protocols for everyone’s protection against the virus. These factors combined to produce a significant training backlog. The training center has addressed this backlog by adding classes using staggered start and end times, so two classes per day can be in the training center simultaneously. This “double class” format maintains all COVID distancing and safety protocols while simultaneously increasing the number of training spots available every day. The training center expects there to be enough overall training spots to return all flight attendants to qualified status by May or June.

Active flight attendants complete one CBT module every trimester. The Trimester 2 CBT is currently available and the deadline for completion is April 29th. Inactive flight attendants who require RQ will be given access to the required CBTs by the FAST team at the same that they are scheduled for RQ.

Additional information about how to prepare for training can be found under Inflight/ Training & Qualifications/ CQ Preparation Guide – March 2021 or RQ Preparation Guide – March 2021.

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