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Real Time Survey - Real Time Issues

Date: March 23, 2021

As many of you are now aware, on March 19th management announced their decision to launch a new customer feedback program. The program is set to begin April 1, 2021 on select routes operating out of ORD and HNL (details in the March 17 IFSW).

While the program is geared to focus on constructive or positive feedback, we all understand that this also offers an opportunity for less positive responses as well. We’ve all been in situations where we get frustrated, and after some time and perspective feel differently. The instant gratification of this concept could lead to potentially negative reports that lack objectivity.

Having said this, it’s a good time for a reminder on the importance of completing an IOR when required and when we feel our perspective on a particular interaction needs to be accurately documented. It’s important for us to take actions necessary to give a clear picture of any questionable interactions. It’s also important to copy in AFA on the IOR, and as a backup, consider copying the text and keeping a record of it, in case questions arise.

While United’s latest venture into customer satisfaction may be well intentioned, it's easy to see how misunderstandings can occur during our typical work days. It’s important that we keep our skies safe and friendly, but prudent to take steps to make sure we are not at a disadvantage due to the unintended feedback that may result from this new program.

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