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COBUS – COVID-19 Vaccination Opportunity for Licensed Registered Nurses

Date: March 26, 2021

With the difficulty many Flight Attendants (and others) continue to face in obtaining a COVID-19 vaccination, AFA advocated for, and was successful in reaching an agreement with the company to help provide an opportunity for all United employees, systemwide to receive a vaccine.  After the Union was contacted by Flight Attendants with nursing degrees who wanted to offer their service and training skills in providing vaccinations to United workers, our Union reached an agreement with management to provide this opportunity to employees. 

The agreement provides for up to 20 qualified COBUS Flight Attendants who are licensed registered nurses, per base, to administer these vaccines on behalf of United Airlines.  These employees would be administering the vaccine provided to United for United employees.

While the process is just beginning and United does not yet have the vaccine, this is an important first step taken on behalf of our Members and a victory for our Union. If you are interested in this opportunity, we encourage you to read the details and qualification criteria and apply.

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