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Martin Walsh – Labor Secretary Confirmed

Date: March 26, 2021

This past Monday, the Senate confirmed Martin Walsh, the mayor of Boston, and a former leader of the city’s powerful building trades council, as Labor Secretary. The vote was 68-29.  This confirmation fills the last leadership role for the 15 Executive departments in President Biden’s cabinet.

In a statement, Mr. Walsh said, “I have been a fighter for the rights of working people throughout my career, and I remain committed to ensuring that everyone – especially those in our most marginalized communities – receives and benefits from full access to economic opportunity and fair treatment in the workplace.”

The nomination, and confirmation, deserves praise and enthusiasm for having such a supportive leader, with whom many Union labor groups have a good relationship. With his relationship with Biden, we are optimistic that he will be well positioned to put labors concerns front and center with the President. One of Mr. Walsh’s top priorities as Labor Secretary will be re-energizing the Occupational Safety and Health Administration, which critics have accused of failing to protect workers during the pandemic.

We are encouraged by this confirmation and look forward to having such a strong advocate for Labor in this role, and look forward to some much-needed positive change.

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