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Scheduling Options for Extended Layovers and Updated Country Restrictions

Date: March 26, 2021

The company announced in one of two Scheduling Alerts this week that the combination of stringent COVID-19 restrictions worldwide and a reduced flying schedule that has resulted in longer than normal layovers, and in some locations, requires the crew to self-isolate for the duration of their stay in the country.  Based on feedback we’ve received from some of you and the advocacy of your Union leadership, the company will offer some scheduling options for those who do not want to fly these types of a schedule which require long periods of self-isolation in the hotel room.

First, the company would like for us to follow one of the contractual options that include:

  • “Leverage” trip trading options within CCS
  • Submit a “PTO” request either 15 or 5 days before your trip
  • Submit a “DATV request

If, after these three options you still have the pairing, the company will allow you to request a drop (management drop) for this trip without pay. This action must be completed at least three days prior to the start date of the affected pairing.  The company has made it clear that if a request is submitted within the three days of the pairing, that it will not be processed.

We need to recognize that both PTO and DATV are hard earned Contractual rights that allow us a finite amount of opportunities throughout the year to exercise specific schedule flexibility benefits. With the changes to flying, trade restrictions and Reserve utilization, the value of these negotiated schedule flexibilities have increased incrementally. This is one situation that points out the value of these provisions.

Also, in a Scheduling Alert from March 25, 2021, the company has provided an updated country restriction notice and clarification to some of the restrictions in place for certain countries related to visiting, transiting, or being from another country.  

As you may recall, there are some restrictions prohibiting crew members entry who had been in certain countries within the 10-day period prior to working a flight into one of the restricted countries.

As these restrictions continue to evolve, scheduling will conduct a “look-back” of all Flight Attendant schedules before they work a flight into a country that has implemented restrictions on crew entry. When a conflict is identified, the Flight Attendant will be removed with pay, subject to reassignment, which is different than the “extended layover in locations requiring self-isolation” company policy.

And any Flight Attendant who trades into or picks up a trip to a country that, because of having been to a restricted country in the prior 10 days is prohibited from entry, will be removed from the trip without pay.

If, because of your line award, you are impacted by one of the “entry restrictions” described above, you will need to contact crew scheduling whereas, if you are scheduled for an “extended layover in a location requiring self-isolation”, you are required to make a Help Hub request at this time.

The company reminds Flight Attendants they have created a tool for you to find the most-up-to-date information on Flying Together>Coronavirus: Latest Updates>International Restrictions.

For more information, please review both Scheduling Alerts this week.   You may also contact your Local Council Office for more information.

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