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Easter – A Season of Hope, Renewal and Optimism

Date: April 2, 2021

This Sunday, millions will celebrate Easter.  Perhaps, this year we can draw parallels from how different religions and cultures recognize this day with the spirit of hope, renewal and optimism.  As the world moves forward toward global stabilization and recovery from COVID-19, as vaccine production increases and we move towards a better future, we can all identify with the spirit of this day.

The Jewish faith observes Passover, which recognizes the end of slavery of the Israelite people in ancient Egypt.  For Christians, this is a celebration of the glorious resurrection of their Savior, Jesus Christ.  With a spirit of community and optimism, hopefully all people can look to Easter as a time for new beginnings and renewal of hope.

Both individually and collectively we have all been through so much this year.  We most definitely have had our share of dark days, and could use more optimism.  Throughout these challenges, we have persevered.  On behalf of the United Master Executive Council and all of our Union volunteers, we extend our best wishes for your health and hope this season.

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