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May Special COLA Bidding Closes April 5 at 8:00 AM CT

Date: April 2, 2021

The deadline to submit for the May Special COLA (One-, Two-, and Three-Month Durations) is planned for Monday, April 5, 2021 at 08:00 Central Time.   The number of Special COLAs and the base locations at which they will be awarded has not yet been determined.  Also, the number of awarded two- and three-month Special COLAs will be limited.

Flight Attendants interested in these Special COLAs should submit their request via CCS under the “Leaves” drop down menu, then select – “Special COLA’.

As a reminder, these Special COLAs will include medical benefits at active employee rates.  Additionally, pay and vacation longevity are not impacted for step increases.  Also, once a Special COLA is awarded, it cannot be rescinded.

For more information on how to apply for a Special COLA in CCS, review Special COLA Overview section in the "COLA, Job share, and Multiple Month Partnership Overview" located on Flying Together > Inflight Services > Crew Scheduling.

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