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Hotel Layover Safety – Don’t Post on Social Media

Date: April 9, 2021

Recently, we have been made aware of instances where some Flight Attendants have been posting information about layover locations or hotels on social media.  More specifically naming the actual hotel location or asking specifically how/where to access it. As we’ve said many times before, we cannot nor should we have any expectation of privacy on any social media platform, even if we are in a “closed” group.

Flight Attendant hotel security is something we all need to take seriously because it affects all of us.  We have only to look around us, as events unfold in the world to understand that safety needs to begin with our own individual choices and actions. We should not be posting any hotel or transportation information anywhere on social media; likewise, we should not be soliciting specific hotel information from fellow crewmembers on this platform either.

If you need to know a hotel location, the pairing information in CCS has the specifics you need, or if the hotel is not yet provided, you can get the information by calling the crew desk. For details on how to find it (i.e. - go through the airport parking lot), you should contact the hotel directly at the number provided with the hotel information in CCS to get the information you need.

We understand social media is not going anywhere, and will continue to be used by Flight Attendants, but we must be judicious in our usage.  If you are looking for restaurants, activities or events in a general city or location and discussing on social media it is not security related, but specific hotel information should not be discussed outside of our official United information or Union channels. We also encourage you to review an AFA Layover Safety article for additional precautions to keep us all safe.

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