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CQ Self Scheduling Clarification

Date: April 13, 2021

With the return of Flight Attendants to the line after the successful passage of the Payroll Support Program, United’s Training facilities have been running at capacity to maintain and requalify Flight Attendants. The demand for requalification and continuing qualification classes has created a need for additional classes to be scheduled. To ensure as many Flight Attendants as possible are qualified for the needs of service, United has boosted class availability to meet the demand.

In a recent targeted United email, management informed Flight Attendants due for recurrent training (CQ) in April, that they should make every attempt to pick up or self-schedule training at the earliest possible date to avoid going into their grace month. Many Members have reported difficulty in securing a class slot on their own. In the event Members attempt to pick up training and are unsuccessful they will not be penalized for attending in their grace month. We suggested being proactive about scheduling CQ and to document any calls or attempts at attending in the event.

To pick up training:

  • Lineholders: Electronic Bulletin Board> Market > Trips. Enter date range, Select FT Positions, Select Base, then click on “SEARCH. If you cannot fit training into your schedule, contact the FAST team at (800) FLT-LINE Option 4, Then 2 to discuss your options. You may also use CCS to trade training dates with an open seat or another Flight Attendant.
  • Reserves: Contact the FAST Team at (800) FLT-LINE Opt. 4, then 2 to get scheduled for training. To trade dates with an open seat of another Flight Attendant, contact the FAST Team.

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