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Potential Week of Civil Protests – Remain Aware

Date: April 16, 2021

This week, a confluence of events may be setting the stage for potential civil unrest. The Derek Chauvin trial is expected to conclude early next week, with yesterday marking the 5th-straight day of protests in Minnesota. Kim Potter appears in court as Daunte Wright's family demands accountability also in Minnesota, and video footage of 13-year old Adam Toledo’s shooting are made public in Chicago.  While these events do not have a direct impact on our profession, they do pose the potential for both peaceful demonstrations and possibly more violent protests.

Last week we discussed the importance of layover safety, and today we’d like to remind Flight Attendants of the need for situational awareness both while at work and on our own time. We encourage you to make responsible decisions about your whereabouts as events unfold that could leave to situations that may be disruptive. Protests are planned for both Minnesota and Chicago, as well as dozens of other cities around the country; and while supposedly peaceful, things do change. 

If you are flying this weekend, be sure to remain informed about any local protests that may impact your travel or layover.  Our AFA Safety, Health and Security Committee has been in daily briefings with United Corporate Security to monitor potential situations and both the Union and company are prepared to take preventative action if necessary.  Be safe and be aware, please.

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