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Vacation Fly Through Options and Pay

Date: April 16, 2021

Flight Attendants interested in electing to Fly Through their vacations are encouraged to review the Vacation Fly Through options, Advance Notice Fly Through, Partial Fly Through & Operational Fly Through prior to selecting the request.

Advance Vacation Fly Through:
A Flight Attendant who chooses to fly during her/his scheduled vacation period shall be paid for all trips flown during the vacation period in addition to Vacation Pay. Vacation Fly Through hours shall be included in line projections. The Company may offer an incentive for Flight Attendants to Fly Through their vacations.

Prior to the monthly Line Award, A Flight Attendant must provide notice to the Company of her/his intent to Fly Through a vacation period no later than the 5th day of the calendar month (at 1000 local time) before the Bid month in which the vacation is scheduled.  (For example: to fly through a September vacation, you must notify the company no later than 10:00AM (HDT) on August 5th)

Partial Fly Through:
Length of vacation must be greater than 6 days. A Flight Attendant will be allowed to Fly Through consecutive vacation days within a block of vacation days, if they leave behind a block of at least 6 consecutive vacation days at the beginning, the end or both.

A Flight Attendant will not be allowed to Fly Through multiple sets of non-consecutive days from within a block of vacation days, even if she/he leaves behind a block of at least 6 consecutive vacation days (i.e., Flight Attendant has ten (10) vacation days and wishes to Fly Through the first and last 2).

A Flight Attendant cannot submit any Vacation Modification request (Fly Through/Instant Trade/Flight Attendant to Flight Attendant trade) for remaining days of the Fly Through period unless she/he withdraws the partial Fly Through request.

Upon withdrawing the Fly Through, the original vacation period will be restored allowing a Flight Attendant to participate in any type of trade if trading window is open for that vacation period.

Fly Through will be considered a separate vacation period for the maximum of 5 periods.

Flying Through (After Monthly Line – Operational Vacation Fly Through):
A Flight Attendant also may elect vacation Fly Through after the award of monthly schedules, which is considered an Operational Fly Through. For Reserves, you may do so by calling Inflight Admin (FAST) at 1-800-FLT-LINE (option 4, option 2) or via CCS Virtual Chat after monthly line awards and before the vacation period.  For Lineholders, you may simply use CCS to pick up a trip from another Flight Attendant over VAC days, and the fly through will automatically be processed at the same time.   There is no need to contact crew scheduling.

For lineholders: the VAC days will be removed from your schedule and you will be able to pick up time on those days.  The value of your vacation will be included as “Add Pay.”

  • Partial operational Vacation Fly Through are not permitted.
  • Flight Attendants may only pick up trip pairings within the vacation period from another Flight Attendant (unless otherwise permitted by the Company). No other trading restrictions apply during the month.

For Reserves:
Operational Fly Through requests are made by contacting Inflight Admin (FAST) at 1-800-FLT-LINE (option 4, option 2) or via CCS Virtual Chat any time before the Vacation period begins after lines have been awarded. When a Flight Attendant elects for operational Fly Through after having been awarded a Reserve line, the Vacation days will be removed and will become days free from availability, appearing as “OFF” in the line. (In other words, Reserve days of availability that were part of the originally awarded line are not restored.) The value of the Vacation days will appear in Add Pay, however in this case the Reserve minimum will be reduced by the value of the number of Reserve days of availability that were part of the awarded line and were encompassed by the vacation.
Please review our article for additional information and examples.

Verify Pay for Vacation Fly Through:
When exercising your contractual right to Fly Through an awarded vacation period, take a minute to confirm that the pay you are expecting in lieu of vacation has been properly included in your Pay Register. 

Once the Vacation Fly Through has been processed, Crew Scheduling will send the information to Crew Pay to ensure the Vacation hours are placed into Add Pay.

To ensure your vacation Fly Though hours have been properly applied to your total monthly pay, in CCS > Pay Register > Total Month’s Pay > Add Pay (Base Rates) > VCPO (vacation pay out) should equal the number of days of vacation flown through multiplied by 3.25 hours.

That value will ultimately be multiplied by your hourly rate of pay and converted into the dollar value of your vacation Fly Through. Report discrepancies or research any questions with the Crew Pay team or via Help Hub.

For more information Vacation Fly Through options and Pay, please go to our website at www.unitedafa.org.

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