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Interline Travel while on VSL Restored

Date: April 23, 2021

Since the implementation of the Voluntary Separation Leave (VSL), we have talked about the inability of those in the program to enjoy interline travel during the transition between working and retirement.

As we also reported previously, the group of air carriers that determines eligibility have existing policies in place that limit or restrict travel while on Leaves of Absence.  One example is when Flight Attendants are on SPCOLA, by the other carrier rules, these individuals are ineligible for interline travel.  Because the status of those participating in the VSL was reported as a “leave," travel was not available based on that status, until they completed their separation and transitioned to retirement, where they would again be eligible under the retiree provisions. 

We have maintained our discussions with United on the subject and are pleased to report, through the ongoing and persistent efforts of the leadership of the Employee Travel Center, there is now an understanding that those on the VSL, due to their status receiving pay and benefits, will be provided access to interline travel during the period of their pre-separation leave.  At the end of the period of eligibility for active travel, unless retired, interline travel access will cease.

We understand that questions remain for those on Special COLA about their ability to have similar access to interline travel.  However, because Special COLA status is different, despite best efforts to secure a further extension to the exemption, United advises agreement was not reached.

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