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Qualified International Purser Meeting

Date: April 23, 2021

As mentioned by United in February 2021, the company will begin one-on-one conversations with each Qualified International Purser over the next four (4) months for a meeting about the company’s latest metric measuring tool and our passenger’s response to various marketing initiatives

We’ve heard from some of you that other topics were brought up for the purpose of this meeting, as well as the timing and duration. To be clear, we’ve had clarification discussions with management and it should be understood that the meeting is for the sole purpose of explaining the new survey dashboard, only.  According to the company this is an opportunity for them to have a conversation and share with you what our passengers are saying about United. The company will go over all details and specific information obtained from the surveys in determining how their net promoter score (NPS) is obtained. The company will also focus this conversation on how Flight Attendants can impact this metric and the important role that leadership onboard the aircraft has in passenger perception of our service.

With some of our flying partners taking part in a Special COLA or on vacation, the company will look to see who is active and available to schedule. There are opportunities to schedule these meeting in person, before or after a flight, as well as virtually via a Microsoft Teams® meeting.  

If you require further clarification or support, please contact your Local Council.


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