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Interline Travel Update for VSL Participants

Date: April 27, 2021

There have been a number of moving parts pertaining to interline travel availability for those on the Voluntary Separation Leaves (VSL) and we've received a further clarification for those who are participating in the VSL and who wish to use interline travel.

We are being told that you don’t need a company ID badge for interline travel. Simply authenticating through myIDTravel, or ID90Travel.com website, and purchasing the pass on that website is considered suitable.

Should you encounter an issue where another airline refuses to let you travel because you don’t have a badge, we need to get that information to the Employee Travel Center (etc@united.com) to ensure this is addressed with the travel office of the other airline.

We're happy we have this late breaking information to share with you and appreciate your understanding that things are developing quickly as it pertains to this issue.

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