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Reminder, Voluntary Waiver of Duty Maximum

Date: April 27, 2021

As Flight Attendants we know that situations revolving around COVID-19 may evolve quickly and call for immediate action. In the event of an extreme irregular operation, where an option is presented that necessitates the voluntary waiving of their Maximum Duty, refer to Section 6.Y. of our Contract.

At Company request a Flight Attendant may concur to extend the applicable duty time maximum as provided in Paragraphs S. and T. above, to twenty (20) hours, except non-stop flights scheduled with 12:01 or more block hours may be extended as provided in Paragraph 4. below.

Once a Flight Attendant has concurred to extend her/his duty time maximum, she/he shall be guaranteed a minimum of one hour of pay at five (5) times her/his hourly rate in addition to her/his actual credited time for the pairing. Every hour or portion thereof in excess of the first hour shall be paid at five (5) times her/his actual hourly rate.

Such compensation is for pay purposes only and may not be used to offset any other guarantees. The Company is prohibited from negotiating with Flight Attendants for any compensation or incentive to obtain Flight Attendant concurrence.

Non-stop flights scheduled with 12:01 block hours or more shall be restricted to a two (2) hour additional extension, including flights as specified in Paragraph T.3. above.

As published in the Legalities Flight Attendant Guide; There are times when the Company is experiencing irregular operations that flight delays can extend beyond a Flight Attendant’s maximum duty time limitation. When this happens, and the Flight Attendant may be requested to volunteer to waive the duty time maximum, in return she/he will receive compensation outlined in the provision above.

The Company may ask you to extend your Domestic and International duty time maximums to the FAR maximum scheduled duty time of 20:00 hours. For non-stop flights of 12:01 hours or greater, the extension will be limited to 2:00 additional hours.

If you concur to extend your duty period you will be guaranteed 1:00 hour of pay at 5 times your hourly rate in addition to the credited time for the pairing. You will also be paid at 5 times your hourly rate for every hour or portion thereof in excess of the contractual maximum in Section 6.S. or 6.T. There must be a request from Crew Scheduling and explicit consent from the Flight Attendant for this contract provision to be valid. This compensation is for pay purposes only.

Further questions about this contractual provision should be directed to your Local Council Representatives.

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