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Act to Remove All Barriers to Ending the Pandemic

Date: May 4, 2021

Flight Attendants know our jobs depend on a strong global network. For full recovery of the aviation industry, we must work to ensure that people around the world have access to the vaccine.

At the current vaccine production level, it is estimated that most people in developing countries will not have access to vaccines until 2024. Without these vaccines, there is a possibility the virus will continue to mutate and spread.

The airline industry, hospitality industry, every industry in America will not function and our lives will be on the line if we don’t remove all barriers to producing the vaccine around the world.

Tomorrow, May 5th, we are joining 400 organizations in calling on President Biden to support the emergency WTO "TRIPS" waiver for COVID-19 vaccine production.                                                                                   

See how to take action on our May 4th AFA Interactive

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