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Drug and Alcohol Random Testing

Date: May 4, 2021

It has been some time since we last reviewed Drug and Alcohol Testing procedures.

As many Members are aware there are two types of tests to which Flight Attendants are subject while on duty.

The first, is The Department of Transportation (DOT) federally mandated Drug and Alcohol Testing program which allows for unannounced and random testing for all Flight Attendants within the US and its territories. 

In addition to the DOT program, Flight Attendants are also subject to company drug testing.


Q: How can I determine which test is being administered?

A: (DOT) Drug testing is completed using a Federal Drug Testing Custody and Control Form (CCF). The words Federal will be printed at the top of the form provided to you by the collector. Company tests cannot be put on the Federal CCF form.

Q: Can I ask which test I am being given?

A: Yes, you are entitled to ask the collector what type of test you are taking.

Q: How are Flight Attendants selected for random testing?

A: The selection method must be random.  All active safety sensitive employees are in the pool of eligible employees by file number for each selection.  Everyone has an equal chance of being selected, even if you just got selected last month, your file number goes in each pool.   Under current DOT random selection rates, 10% of the DOT safety sensitive population at each airline must be alcohol tested and 25% must be drug tested.  This provides an unbiased, equal chance of any Flight Attendant being tested each time selections are made. The selection could include both an alcohol and drug test or just an alcohol test or just a drug test. 

Q: When could I be selected to be tested?

A: Random testing may occur anytime just before, during or after duty.  That means it can be conducted at any point during a pairing for all Flight Attendants. For Flight Attendants based at international locations, testing may occur prior to your layover at any U.S. location.  Effective May 1, 2021 any Flight Attendant attending any training course in any U.S. training location is subject to random drug testing. 

Q: How am I notified I have been selected to be tested?

A: If you are selected for random alcohol and/or drug testing, a representative will provide notification to you upon flight arrival. The notification will include the type of test to be administered, the location to report for collection, as well as consequences for refusal or failure to immediately report or comply with testing procedures. In addition to random testing procedures, Flight Attendants, under the direction of the DOT, are also subject to testing in the following instances: 

  • Pre-Employment
  • Post-Accident
  • Reasonable Cause
  • Return-to-Duty
  • Follow-Up

As a reminder, although there is no limitation as to the number of times a Flight Attendant can be tested there is also no limitation on the number of times the contract provisions in Section 4.F., Drug and Alcohol testing Pay, will be applied and paid.

If you have any questions or need clarification on drug and alcohol testing, please contact AFA EAP at 800-424-2406. 

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