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Easy Chat Reminders

Date: May 4, 2021

The company reminds us that as we continue to use Easy Chat to communicate with other employees in other departments working your flight, it is important to remember to not use this tool for any safety, security, medical or maintenance issues.

If safety, security, medical or maintenance issues arise during boarding, please notify the purser who will then notify the flight deck immediately. If the flight deck is not available when the issue is identified and you are at FAA minimum crew during customer boarding, please follow the guidelines within the eFAOM at eFAOM> SOP > MINIMUM CREW REQUIREMENTS > MINIMUM CREW EXCEPTIONS to step off the aircraft to briefly use the jet bridge phone to contact operations directly.

The company has also acknowledged that they have received reports which indicate that some Flight Attendants are experiencing technical delays in sending and receiving messages within Easy Chat.  This is a known issue and IT is actively working to address and resolve this issue.

Any concerns regarding Easy Chat, should be addressed with your supervisor.

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