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E-Lines: May 11, 2021

Date: May 11, 2021

Social Media You Can Trust

Social media is a prominent part of today’s society and many Flight Attendants lives.  While many would agree the social aspect fits our nature as Flight Attendants, the prevalence of misinformation can unknowingly place us on the wrong side of issues.  Non-existent or minor issues can easily be blown out of proportion by individuals who like to “stir the pot” by providing inaccurate, or incomplete representations. This can quickly cause a non-issue to become a heated debate leading people to make poor choices on public forums (where there should be no expectation of privacy from the company, even on private pages) without first knowing the facts.  And that is what it really should be about, getting the facts first, distinguishing between fact and opinion and then making up your mind about what is important to you.

Our Union has worked hard over the past several months to use our presence on social media, Facebook, and Twitter, to direct our Members to the appropriate resources where they can obtain accurate information.  Along with our regular E-Lines communications, we have been sharing and posting our news articles on these platforms to help “push” accurate news to you.  Part of the communication also directs you to where you can find vetted information, instead of turning to, or relying upon individuals (who may or not be accurately informed or may have their own agenda) on social media.

Our intention is to adapt these platforms to share information you need, or for which you may be looking.  We will not be commenting or engaging in public discourse on social media posts, but we can and will point people in the right direction to get reliable information. 

Our official Facebook page is AFA United MEC.  Keep in mind there are dozens, if not hundreds, of Facebook groups, and some have a similar name to our page.  Likewise, Local Councils may have individual groups, but the United Master Executive Council has only one official page and we encourage you to follow it.  Likewise, we have a Twitter account where we routinely push out relevant AFA articles on issues of interest to our industry and profession.  Please follow us on Twitter at @AFAUnitedMEC.

We understand that many may intend for their posts to be helpful and instructive. However, we ask that you consider this; rather than posting your opinion or your explanation, consider directing those inquiring to Union material that has been published and vetted by the Union on official information sources.

Your Union is committed to bringing you factual information.

It is easy to be misled by misinformation that has been spread on social media, some of which can be intentionally inaccurate or even divisive. Ultimately, the time each of us spends on social media is an individual decision. Be assured your Union is committed to bringing you factual information presented in a straightforward manner that makes the time you spend on social media worthwhile through the presentation of accurate content on which you can rely.


CQ CBT Compensation

As part of our yearly requalification training, Flight Attendants are required to complete the quarterly Computer Based Training (CBT). Flight Attendants are compensated for completing the requirement based on the contractual provisions in Section 11.B.2. of our Contract.

Home study and Computer Based Training (CBT) assignments shall each be paid one-hour (1:00) flight time pay and credit for every three hours (3:00) of home study or training, prorated, based on reasonable times established by the Company to complete the training. In no case shall Flight Attendants receive less than one hour (1:00) of training pay.  CBT Training shall be paid in the month during which training is completed.

Note: Flight Attendants on Reserve shall receive the flight time pay and credit value of the training pairing toward their monthly line value.

Additionally, once a Flight Attendant has completed CQ, credited compensation will be posted as Add Pay by the end of the month in which CQ is completed.  Discrepancies or missing compensation can be reported by filing a pay claim via Hub Help.


Avoidance of Passenger Staging on Jet Bridge Including Quick Turn Flights

As flights are increasing and becoming fuller, AFA and the company have consistently communicated via safety communications to Flight Attendants, under no circumstances is a jet bridge to be used as a passenger staging or holding area prior to boarding.

Using the jet bridge to stage passengers is unsafe and is to be avoided. United’s Standard Operating Procedures (SOP) does not support this practice for any reason, including flights designated as “quick turns” or “star” flights.

Boarding is coordinated between the Flight Attendant assigned to the Purser position and the Customer Service Representative (CSR) during the pre-departure briefing. Flight Attendants encountering difficulties establishing boarding times with the CSR, are encouraged to use your CRM skills to resolve the issue. 

If it is not safe, we should always be advocating for what’s best for safety and not necessarily what is most expedient.  Additional information on this vital area of operational safety can be found on our website, unitedafa.org.


Union Plus Free College Summer Classes Begin June 7

If you are looking to continue your education during these uncertain times, Union Plus is here to help.  With the Union Plus Free College, brought to you in partnership with AFSCME, you can work toward an associate degree or certificate completely online, for free. 

Also, for those with extended family members that are unemployed, furloughed or laid off, do not worry — you and your family members are still eligible to enroll in Free College.

They are also adding extended registration and semester dates, as well as additional financial aid options for education-related costs. Summer classes start on June 7, 2021.

For more information, please visit the Union Plus site

Reminders and Quick Links

May – Asian American and Pacific Islander Heritage Month
May – Mental Health Awareness Month
May 13/14 – AFA Board of Directors Meeting
May 17 – Tax Day
May 31 – Memorial Day



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