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Our Future Expands with Increased Demand for Travel

Date: May 18, 2021

There can be no denying the fact that the COVID-19 pandemic dramatically changed not only our personal and professional lives, it changed the way our airline has been doing business for the past fifteen months.  It changed how we worked with each other on the airplane, how we interacted with passengers and dramatically reduced the cities served by our mainline operation. 

During this time, we came together and weathered furloughs, unemployment and collectively fought in Washington to pass the CARES ACT and its subsequent extension in order to keep ourselves connected to our careers, our company and our health and wellness benefits and we did all of this in the midst of a global pandemic.

Today, there are signs that we’ve reached the other side of the issue as United adds 400 flights to its July schedule (as compared to June) and the net result is the operation of 80% of United’s pre-pandemic U.S. flight schedule.  Here’s the best news; United’s booking levels are up 214% compared to 2020 booking levels while adding flight banks at Chicago and Washington, D.C. where flight operations increase to 220 daily departures.

Demand for international travel has also increased and United will move up the start of service adding a fourth weekly flight to Dubrovnik, Croatia plus more seats to Athens, Greece.

While adding this service, United remains the only U.S. carrier making it easy to search, book and upload COVID-19 tests and vaccination records through United’s mobile and the United.com website.

These are the signs, supported by passenger bookings and increased demand that make it clear together we have come through the worst of the pandemic.  We can now look to the future with increased confidence in our success. As we turn the corner and look squarely into the future, we can know that whatever the future holds we will continue to meet the needs of our members head on.  Together, we will carve out the next chapter as Aviation’s First Responders and if the past is any predictor of our future, we know we will do this very well.

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