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International Flight Attendant Appreciation Day - May 31st

Date: May 21, 2021

Monday, May 31 is International Flight Attendant Appreciation Day. Just like its name, the International Flight Attendant Day's meaning is as simple as celebrating the spirit and efforts of Flight Attendants.

International Flight Attendant Day is celebrated in different parts of the globe with different names, however, all of them celebrate and honor the efforts and hard work of Flight Attendants. It is reported that the International Flight Attendant Day celebration was first observed in 2015 in Canada. A Canadian Union reportedly decided to honor and celebrate the spirit and hard work of Flight Attendants. Since then, the International Flight Attendant Day celebration has been hosted in different countries for several years now. 

We are most known for our compassionate and caring ability to recognize the needs of the passengers in our care even when they don’t know themselves.  Whether it is offering to hold a baby for a mother who needs to use the bathroom, bringing a warm towel and cup to a crying toddler on descent, listening to a passenger’s story of frustration in getting through security or just offering a warm smile during boarding; we are United Airlines. 

While our mastery of professionalism, courtesy and excellent customer service is visible to our passengers, our constant attention and preparedness to safety might be overlooked by the casual observer. First and foremost, we are Safety Professionals and, as such, are always ready to jump in during a crisis whether it be smoke in the cabin, a medical issue or a when addressing a cabin advisory.

On this day of appreciation, take a moment and appreciate yourself and your flying partners for all the hard work we do every day, all day.

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