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Trainings or Meetings Scheduled on a Contractual Holiday

Date: May 21, 2021

Section 4.I.3. in our Contract provides that Flight Attendants scheduled to attend any training or meeting on a holiday shall receive holiday pay for assignments flown on designated holidays defined in Section 2.Q.1. as designated by the Flight Attendants domicile location.   

Given the number of dates on which CQ or RQ will be scheduled across the year, more Flight Attendants are requesting clarification on how Birthday Pay negotiated in the current Contract applies to company training or meetings.  When a Flight Attendant attends CQ or RQ over a designated contractual holiday, including her/his birthday, Flight Attendants are to be compensated at the holiday pay rate outlined in Section 4.I. 

For additional information on Calculating and Understanding Holiday Pay, review this E-Lines article highlighting JCBA Sections 2.Q and 4.I.

Further questions may be directed to your Local Council Representatives.

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