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New Reserve Functionality in CCS

Date: May 7, 2021

Enhanced Reserve functionality available via CCS became effective on May 6, 2021. 

The following is an overview of the two (2) items to ensure your familiarity with the new CCS functionality.

The newest functionality includes the “Ready Reserve Priority Message” where a CCS priority message (also known as an "acknowledgement screen") will now be sent to Flight Attendants who are assigned to Ready Reserve status for the next day during the 1930 assignment process.

Section 8.F.1. of our Contract provides "Reserves shall be able to receive and acknowledge assignments online." This includes assignments to a specific pairing (or Standby), the Ready Reserve list or Release (RLSD). Until now, programing limitations prevented priority messages from being sent for assignments to Ready Reserve status. This limitation has been addressed and these messages are now being generated by the system.  Based on the addition of this new automation, Reserves should no longer "assume" they have been assigned to Ready Reserve if no priority message is received after 1930 HDT.

If a Reserve is unable to access their assignment after 1930, or the system malfunctions and, in this case, a priority message is not generated, the affected Reserve must call the crew desk for their next-day assignment, as required in Section 8.F.2. of our Contract.  

Additional new functionality includes enhancements to the “Reserve Assigned Screen.”  In addition to the Reserve assignments made during the 1930 process, AFA successfully advocated to have the ability for Reserves to access "real-time" Reserve assignment data accessible from the CCS Reserve Assigned screen.

With this update, Flight Attendants will now be able to see both sets of data by making one pf the desired selections:

  • "Snapshot" Assignment Data: Reserve assignments as made during the 1930 process, or
  • "Realtime" Assignment Data: Current Reserve assignments, reflective of any changes made after 1930.

EXAMPLE: A Flight Attendant is initially assigned to "Ready Reserve" at 1930 and is subsequently assigned to a pairing or Standby position.

  • Snapshot data for this Flight Attendant will display "Ready Reserve".
  • Realtime data for this Flight Attendant will display the specific pairing or Standby information.

Screen captures images of this functionality is available in the ISW article on this subject.

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