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Expansion of Contactless Payment and Alcohol Sales Continues

Date: June 4, 2021

Over the course of the holiday weekend, AFA remained in contact with United management addressing the anticipated expansion of onboard alcohol sales.  Based on those discussions and AFA advocacy, the company will not implement the expansion of beer/wine sales of flights between 200-800 miles.  However, on flights over 800 miles and those that operate hub to hub, the expansion of onboard alcohol sales will be implemented.

We continue to insist that Inflight management must communicate their support for Flight Attendants onboard the aircraft until the nationwide uptick in unruly travelers is reversed.

While it is our view that the best way to avoid the adversity is to temporarily eliminate alcohol sales in the cabin, where disorderly conduct can be magnified with the addition of alcohol into the mix, we must not lose sight of the fact that Flight Attendants ultimately control the distribution of alcohol in the cabin under both company policy and Federal Air Regulations.  Of importance, United’s policy includes a zero-tolerance approach to passengers who bring their own personal supply which may not be consumed on the aircraft.  Further, FARs restrict the carriage of any passenger who appears to be intoxicated.  Passengers who appear to be intoxicated should not be permitted to board an airplane and we recommend that you involve the Captain in any instances where you may have concern.

All sales will be completed using Contactless payment in the Inflight Service app version 1.2.110 on your Link device. You may also reference the Contactless Payment Overview within the Link video library for further instructions. 

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