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Self-Temperature Checks Still Required

Date: June 4, 2021

In yet another sign that we are conquering the pandemic, the company recently announced that temperature screenings will become voluntary for most employees before their shift.   Please note, however, that Flight Attendants will still be required to conduct self-administered temperature checks prior to and throughout their pairing assignments to comply with an FAA mandate.  In addition, a personal thermometer remains a required duty item.  

Please continue wellness checks and temperature readings twice a day while on duty, both before reporting to work and at/near the end of your duty day.  Also, take your temperature if you feel feverish.  The Teams App reminds Flight Attendants when to perform temperature self-checks. 

Of course, you are always welcome to visit a temperature screening location, as they will still be available.  If you do receive an elevated temperature screening (100 F or above), wait 10 minutes, and re-take your temperature.  If the second reading i

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