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Drug and Alcohol Testing is a Regulatory Requirement While on Duty

Date: June 11, 2021

It has been determined by the U.S. Department of Transportation (DOT) that Flight Attendants perform safety-sensitive functions and are, therefore, subject to random drug and alcohol testing that is required under DOT regulations.

All of us are aware of the process by which we are notified we’ve been selected for random testing when we are met at the door of the aircraft on arrival and delivered the notice by a badged United employee who is responsible for administering this testing under the law.

What we may be less familiar with is the fact that this random drug testing may occur anytime while on duty and this includes while we are at the company Training Centers in EWR, ORD, DEN, IAH, SFO & GUM.  (Note:  The training center at LHR is not part of this initiative as the LHR training center is not governed by DOT regulations.)

Only recently have Flight Attendants attending training been subject to this testing requirement.

Those responsible for conducting this random training will advise the Training Manager/Assistance Manager if any Flight Attendant attending training on a given date at their location have been randomly selected.  Randomly selected Flight Attendants will not be alerted until the last break of the day.

Tests will be conducted at the end of the day by a certified tester who will be dispatched to the Training Center.  Testing will be conducted in a dedicated location conducive for the test.

In addition, the FAST team will be notified and prepared to make any modifications to training pairings impacted by the drug testing.

This is a federally mandated program with which you must comply.  You may not refuse to be tested and are expected to fully comply with any directive to be tested as outlined in our eFAOM page 5.37.2 – Alcohol & Drug Testing.

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