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International SOS Medical Assistance

Date: June 11, 2021

MEC Safety Health and Security Committee

United Airlines has a contract with International SOS to provide security and medical assistance to its employees and crews in both emergency and non-emergency situations.

In the event of an illness or injury overseas, International SOS will arrange medical appointments with local third-party medical providers and will, as an agent for United airlines, guarantee and pay all costs associated with a working crew member’s in-patient or out-patient care.  These services may also be available during personal travel to other employees, retirees, and dependents traveling overseas.  However, the coverage levels will vary and all costs are not guaranteed by the company for instances of personal travel.

You may contact International SOS using the International SOS Assistance App on your LINK or personal device.  The app is designed to provide you with a means to connect you with medical or security professionals who operate 24 hours a day in offices all over the world.  Changes to the updated app have been designed to improve the accuracy in locating and communicating with you.  We encourage you to log into the updated app to set up your profile so you are as well prepared as you can be in the event that you do need assistance as a place far from home.

As a reminder, consider carrying the International SOS card with United’s unique corporate ID number when travelling internationally for those instances when you are on layover and do not have your LINK or other personal device in your possession should the need arise.


Print a new International SOS card

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