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UAL Announces No Plans for Furloughs Upon Expiration of Payroll Support Program

Date: June 11, 2021

We received great news today from United Airlines.  There are no plans for furlough following the expiration of the current Payroll Support Program funding in September 2021! 

This is a great relief for so many of us and we’re all incredibly grateful to have reached this point in the recovery of the industry and our airline.  In response to today’s announcement, the following statement was released from our AFA International Office:

“This announcement makes it clear: the Payroll Support Program (PSP) worked.

“In every previous crisis where airlines took major losses, workers and passengers paid the price. Airlines cut jobs, pay and benefits for workers, while bankruptcies and consolidation meant more fees and less options for passengers. 

“We proposed the PSP to keep workers whole AND to keep our industry solvent and ready to fly. Simply put, PSP delivered. Aviation workers received a steady check, healthcare, and benefits through the pandemic without adding more workers to over-taxed unemployment systems. Airlines were able to stem the bleeding and avoid catastrophic losses while continuing to provide essential service to move critical personnel and materials from PPE to vaccines.

“If it wasn't for our union, the Flight Attendants who were furloughed on October 1, 2020 when Congress failed to act, wouldn't have gotten furlough pay or continued healthcare and the right to return to work without any loss of seniority or other benefits. We got everyone back on the payroll as of December 1, 2020 and with all benefits restored as if never furloughed. 

“And on top of it all, our workers-first program capped executive compensation and banned stock buybacks and dividends for two years after the relief period ends. You won’t see an airline CEO on those lists making more while people suffer in the middle of this crisis.  

“This program should serve as a model for the future. Now that we’re on our way out of the worst crisis in aviation history, we look forward to building a just recovery that respects the contributions of all the workers who keep us flying high.”

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