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International Purser Required Training Preference Bid Period

Date: June 15, 2021

Flight Attendants who are International Purser Qualified (FSL) (including those who are active, surplus, and on the transfer list) must bid for a preference month in which to attend the 2021 International Purser Recurrent Training (IPRT21).

The bidding window opens June 25, 2021 at 0800 CT through July 9, 2021 0800 CT. Flight Attendants can submit their preferences through CCS> Bidding> FSL Recurrent Training (IPRT21). The months available to bid are August, September, and October. Flight Attendants may rank their choices 1-3 in order of preference. If a Flight Attendant does not bid enough choices to cover themselves, i.e. they bid for 1 month and are not senior enough to hold that bid, they will be considered an Insufficient Bidder. If a Flight Attendant does not submit any bids, they will be considered a non-bidder. Awards will be based on the Flight Attendants bidding seniority on the day of the award and number of training spots allocated for your base.

Non-bidders and Insufficient bidders will be automatically assigned a preference month after all valid bids have been awarded. The preference month will be assigned in inverse seniority order, beginning August, September, October.

The available class dates and locations will be available June 25th on Inflight Services homepage> IN THIS SECTION> International Purser program> 2021 International Purser training dates. Awards will be posted to CCS>Bidding> FSL Recurrent Bid > Assigned Month.

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