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US Independence Day is a Paid Holiday

Date: June 15, 2021

We remind everyone of the upcoming Contractual holiday U.S. Independence Day (July 4th) as set forth in Section 2.Q of our Contract. Flight Attendants receive additional pay for flight assignments flown on designated holidays as outlined in Section 2.Q. 

Holiday Pay is calculated using a formula that considers the number of credited hours flown on the holiday and the number of hours away from home on the pairing as defined in Section 4.I of our Contract. 

Also, in recognition of our time away from our families during holidays, our Contract provides for additional pay for Flight Attendants on flight and training assignments (CQ) occurring on, or over, designated holidays including the Flight Attendant’s birthday. Section 2.Q.2. of our Contract specifies that each Flight Attendant is eligible to be paid for a maximum of five (5) holidays per year

Note: Premium pay is not included when determining holiday pay. Time away from home begins at the check-in time of the pairing and ends at the conclusion of the scheduled debriefing time upon return to the home domicile.

When a Flight Attendant picks up “out of base”, that is at another domicile, domestic to international or vice versa, on a holiday at the out of base location, the Flight Attendant is entitled to be paid the scheduled holiday pay for the base at which the pairing has been picked up. The holiday pay is paid as if the Flight Attendant were based at the location where the pairing was picked up. However, the system will not auto generate the pay. The Flight Attendant who works the pairing at the out of base location is required to submit a Pay Register/Pay Inquiry form via Help Hub to advise payroll she/he has worked an “out of base” pairing on the holiday at the location where the pairing was picked up. 

If the Flight Attendant does not reach out to Crew Pay there is no way for Crew Pay to know the Flight Attendant is due holiday pay. These out of base transactions are processed as exceptions to the holidays listed for the domicile of the Flight Attendant. Keep in mind, Section 2.Q.2. of our Contract limits the number of paid holidays for every Flight Attendant to a maximum of five (5) holidays in any calendar year.

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