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June is National Safety Month

Date: June 18, 2021

June is National Safety Month (NSM), and this year is the 25th anniversary of NSM.  The National Safety Council (NSC) launched National Safety Month in 1996 to promote safe behaviors around the leading causes of preventable injuries and deaths at work, on the roads, and in our communities. 

As Safety Professionals, we live and breathe safety every day.  We know that paying attention to details, following the standard operating procedures and reporting concerns through appropriate channels is how we continue in keeping ourselves and our passengers safe.

The importance of safety and security is already deeply etched into our culture, but constant reminders are always helpful.   In conjunction with Inflight Management, we remind you the safety reporting tools available to you that include:

  • ISAP (Inflight Safety Action Program: “The ISAP program is a long-standing method for reporting safety and regulatory issues and events that may come to your attention.  It is a non-punitive, confidential way to report concerns and is completely voluntary.  Reports can include equipment issues, inadvertent errors, and proactive identification of potential safety concerns.”
  • Flight Attendant Fatigue Report (FAFR): “FAFR is the latest addition to United’s Inflight Reporting Systems.   FAFRs are a means to report concerns of potential fatiguing flights or pairings to decrease safety risks associated with Flight Attendants fatigue.”
  • IOR (Irregular Operations Report): “Flight Attendants are required to submit an IOR documenting any incident involving customers, crewmembers or animals in the cabin that is out of the ordinary and/or may require a follow-up by the company.   The entire flight crew is responsible for filing a report.   This includes, but is not limited to safety, security, medical, regulatory, non-compliance, or pandemic related incidents.  Don’t forget to copy AFA in your report.”

For more information, please contact your Local Council Office on our website.

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